Meet the team


Jason Bholanauth

Jason is a Senior Digital Marketer at a Big 4 company. He is also the founder of Digital Marketing Mauritius (DMM). He is passionate about content marketing; to which he blends data and gut-feelings. These make him the ideal strategist and one who takes risks.

Jemilla Greedharry

Passionate about everything digital, Jemilla kicked off her career by building websites, but her diverse skill set led her to Social Media Management. Listening to her audience and creating content that resonates with them, is what she does best!

Madevi Subramanian

Madevi is a digital marketing professional with a proven track record of helping more than 45+ brands and currently working in one of the leading groups of hotel in Mauritius as SEO, SEM, Content & Advertising Specialist. My superpower is a customer-centric digital strategy.

Aarifah Beharry

Aarifah recently joined us as a copywriter and aligns herself to one of our drivers “Proactive Leadership”. Being a student at the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), she applies her knowledge and found a place to experience real digital projects.

Dylen Citta

A self-taught digital marketer, Dylen is a firm believer that every idea needs to be tried at least once just to see what happens! Besides being the social butterfly for Digital Marketing Mauritius (DMM), he is also the founder of his own freelance business, Snap Marketing.

Neha Gunnoo

Neha launched her freelance business 2 years back in digital marketing and content writing. Sheโ€™s also the co-founder of LeFinTech Ltd and brings her passion and expertise for digital marketing in the DMM community.

Dooshweena Awatar

Dooshweena fell into digital a couple of years after her studies, and never left! As a Certified Digital Marketer, she oversees content creation and digital strategies at Kantar Indian Ocean.